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BeyondABC is a games studio utilizing emerging technology for education beyond the classroom. We combine storytelling with technology to make complex subject matter easy to understand. We are currently working on a game aimed at providing Indian youth with the safety skills they need to protect themselves from human trafficking. Our goal is to inspire the next generation to be leaders in their community.




We use design research to develop games and interactive experiences aiming to engage the younger demographic with social issues.

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Zer is a news platform aiming to engage generation Z with substantial news through augmented reality, virtual reality and games. Generation Z grew up in a post 9/11 world and during the great recession. Due to growing up during tough times and being the most diverse generation in American history, they are more interested in social issues. However, they feel that current news outlets don’t appeal to their demographic. Since they are the first generation of true digital natives, they expect more interactivity when engaging with content. We are using AR, VR, and games as a means to engage kids with news through play.


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Meena's story aims to provide at-risk Indian youth with the safety skills they need to protect themselves against human trafficking. We are building a choose your own adventure story that will help the player learn crucial street smarts such as how to recognize when someone is trying to trick them into human trafficking. We are focusing on improving the child's critical thinking and decision making skills, as well as equipping them with lessons on what to do if they find themselves in a dangerous situation.

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My Favorite Color Is Pink is a game about the color pink, gender stereotypes, and jumping rectangles. A puzzle-platformer that follows the story of a boy whose favorite color is pink.




All is Fair is a role playing game that imitates the experience of being a girl in high school. It drew inspiration from bullying and power dynamics between cliques. To simulate this experience players are asked to interact with the experience while wearing blue or red glasses, which makes them see different things on the screen. This mimics girls getting different bits of information through gossip, altering their perspective. Ultimately the game serves to explore female power and encourage girls to build each other up instead of bring each other down.


Meet the team


Hi, we're Kate, Ker and Danny. We are group of technologists and designers from Parsons in New York City. BeyondABC started when Kate travelled to India for a research project in December 2014.  She saw a gap in children's education about safety skills needed to protect them from falling prey to human trafficking and child exploitation. She wrote a proposal for a project to address the issue, and BeyondABC was born. 

We are committed to making educational games that spark discussion about pressing social issues.

Kate is a Design and Technology major, focusing on product and tech development. Ker, a MFA Transdisciplinary Design student, will be taking the lead on research. Danny is also a Design and Technology major and will be taking the lead on design and tech development.

The project is currently supported by The India China Institute and The New Challenge, a fund for social innovation. 


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We are interested in working with anti-trafficking organizations in both India and the US. Please reach out to us if you'd like to get involved. 


We want to grow our team! If you're a developer, designer, researcher or just think you'd be a good fit please reach out to us. We'd love to chat. 

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