BeyondABC started in December 2014 when Kate travelled to India on a research fellowship. While living in New Delhi, she became very interested in the connection between education, the role of women in society, and human trafficking. When I got back to New York, she wanted to build something to address the problem. Danny, Ker and Kate joined forces and started making “Meena’s Story,” a game that provides at-risk Indian youth with the safety skills they need to protect themselves from human trafficking and child exploitation.

Through this project they realized the power of using games to teach kids about complex issues. Kids digest information better when they’re able to explore, build and break things. When we play, we’re actively engaging with ideas. We are committed to making educational games that spark discussion about pressing social issues.

This inspired the team to go on to make other social impact games, covering topics such as bullying, gender and sexuality, and fake news.