Technology + Design + Research


The founders of BeyondABC are students from Parsons School of Design in New York. Kate is a Design and Technology major, focusing on product and tech development. Ker is aTransdisciplinary Design major, taking the lead on design thinking and research. Danny is a Design and Technology major with a focus on video game design, and is our technical lead. 

Kate is an entrepreneur, technologist, and designer. She is experienced in asset creation, UX/UI design, physical computing, Unity and web programming. She has applied her skills to jobs at both start-ups and fortune 100 companies. She is a graduate of The Next 36, a program for 36 high-potential Canadian entrepreneurs. She was awarded the Top 22 Under 22 award and recieved the Global Student Entrepreneur Award.

Ker is a MFA Candidate in the Transdisciplinary Design program at Parsons. He is a thoughtful artist and designer who is interested in engaging with underserved communities. He believes in making small impactful changes through collaboration and using design as a tool to engage in conversations and reflection. He is a material thinker and explores the world through making.

Danny is an indie game developer, who has made games showcased at festivals such as Games for Change, Maker Faire, and Indiecade. He is well versed in Unity programming, world building, and asset creation. Danny is also a freelance designer and developer who has worked with clients such as Nike and Cartoon Network.